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We help people from all walks of life to plan for, and enjoy a secure financial future.

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Ben Drew

Financial Planner
Diploma of Financial Planning (Dip FP)
Director | Senior Financial Planner

“With over 20 years of experience, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to guide and advise my clients to achieve their financial goals and lifestyle aspirations.

We are committed to helping clients understand their options, grow their wealth and give them financial security.”

- Ben Drew

Ben Drew is passionate about helping people from all walks of life to plan for, and ultimately achieve their financial goals.

Ben is a qualified financial professional who can help you to:

  • Navigate through the complexities of superannuation, retirement planning, investments and personal insurances.
  • Gain clarity about your current financial circumstances and future outlook.
  • Develop a plan that will put you on a clear path towards financial security in the years ahead.
  • Correct and adjust your approach and financial strategies over time as your circumstances change, to ensure you remain on track to achieving your goals.

Why choose us?

Paradigm Principle is a privately-owned financial advisory and wealth management firm, not owned by a bank or financial institution. This allows us the flexibility to recommend a wide range of product and providers. It ensures our core focus is addressing what is important to you, helping you attain your individual goals and objectives in the way we believe is appropriate for you and your particular circumstances.

Our approach is a highly personalised one, which ensures we thoroughly understand you and what’s important to you before we start working on your financial plan. We believe that it’s essential for our clients to fully understand how our advice and strategies will work, so we explain what can often be complex financial strategies in easy-to understand terms, and only proceed once you are truly comfortable with the recommendations we put forward.

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